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Why Choose Lidia Smirnov Counselling?

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Marriages are one of the most beautiful bonds that are created on this planet, but sometimes they do not turn out to be good because of many reasons such as some people cannot adjust with each other, some of them do not understand each other while some of them cannot trust each other, these some of the few cases from which a marriage may get a sad part of your life. There are many problems that a person may face and sometimes people cannot figure out that what is wrong with their marriage, they cannot get satisfied enough, this is because most of the couple do not share the problems they face with each other and it creates misunderstandings. If you want to explore your marriage and you want to work out, then you should go for counselling so that your relationship can get better and open so that both of you can understand each other thoroughly and have a good talk when you are under counselling. If you are planning to go for marriage counselling then you should go none other than Lidia Smirnov Counselling, we are providing you with quality time and we try our best to understand you and your problems. We believe that everything has a solution and most of our clients who took all the counselling periods are now happy, this makes us proud that we have made many people happy with their decisions. Looking for a professional when it comes to counselling you can see this page in such reliable information.

Here are some of the facts that make us different from other counselling services:

Free 15 minutes call:

We believe that a person should not pay for the first talk because we value you and your money, this is why we are giving you a chance to call us and describe your problem and after that, if you think that your marriage needs counselling then you can book an appointment instantly. Our 15 minutes call will be free and there will not be any hidden charges.

An understanding and experienced counsellor:

Most of the counsellors claim that they are the best just because they have a degree which certifies them to practice counselling, but Anais Nain who is a successful counsellor has a degree and also has an experienced of 10 years which makes her qualified with what she has been doing, also she has herself faced many situations that were very hard and therefore she will be the most understanding counsellor for you because if someone has been through a hard time, they understand the people who are in their situation as well.

Lidia Smirnov Counselling is the best choice for you if you want to figure out what is wrong with your marriage or you already feel that your relationship is not working out. We are the best marriage counselling is offering you with.

Hypnotherapy Can Easily Change Your Whole Life!

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As many people know or understand, hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that focuses on you relaxing and knocking on the door of your unconscious mind. Even though some people might not truly understand how powerful this whole process is, it is something that can help millions of individuals all around the world! Hypnotherapy, while it has been approved and endorsed by the biggest psychological organizations in the world, has the power to transform your whole life in to a better, healthier one in many ways. Sometimes we suffer from dangerous habits in our lives like smoking or more which might be badly affecting the way we are living our lives. If you are someone who has undergone a traumatic experience in your life, then you might now be experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety which too can affect the way you look at life or even the way you live your whole life! With the help of a hypnotherapist, you are able to transform your whole life in an instant!

You are able to end bad life habits with hypnotherapy

If smoking, drinking or similar bad habits are affecting your life and your health as well, you should always think about a way to put a permanent stop to it so that you can start improving as a person. Sometimes we might not even know how effective our bad habits are to our lives and to our health’s and also to our loved ones around us as well! With the help of the professional hypnotherapy in Sydney in Australia, you can now divert from bad habits!

All your mental health disorders can be treated

Mental health disorders and illnesses are a very common thing around the world, especially disorders such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and more. Even though there are certain forms of treatment that are established already such as talk therapy, the results you can get from hypnotherapy are more faster and also permanent as well! Treatments like  hypnotherapy Sydney weight loss are extremely helpful in order to treat common mental health issues that a large number of people are suffering from at the moment.

Hypnotherapy can give you a better perspective of life

Sometimes the way we think can be the root of all the problems that we are facing in life. Our cognitions are incredibly important, and this is why it is vital to have a positive or rational way of thinking. If you are not something with such a mentality, then hypnotherapy can easily bring out the best in you.  

Seek Help In Time To Save A Relationship That’s On The Rocks

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All relationships have their share of problems and the problem appears tallest when it comes to couple relationships. On the face of it there are no problems that can’t be worked out within the walls of one’s home. So why is it that more couples seek professional help to salvage their relationship? The answer is simple; while our egos are forever growing, essential feelings like love, trust, tolerance and respect are taking a back seat. Often people fight about silly things and once the fights spin out of control, they either walk in different directions, or, they seek counselling if they still have a little faith left in each other. Link here offer a great service when it comes to advice that can cover your needs.

Does approaching a professional really help?

Approaching a professional to seek help in a relationship is becoming very common these days. And while demands for a better life increase, most of us focus on acquiring more money and material possessions without thinking how important these possessions really are in the scheme of life. It is in this phase of life that relationship counsellors step in to save the day. They act as bridges between couples who have grown apart, or couples who feel that there’s no point discussing their problems and issues with their partners because they just wouldn’t understand. This line is becoming increasingly common these days and is also the reason why many people are growing apart and away from each other.

Steps involved in an effective relationship counselling at Canberra

It’s hard enough as it is to admit that there is a problem with ourselves that we are unable to make a relationship work, which seems cakewalk for millions of other people. But when couples take the decision to seek counselling, they are actually doing something brave and noble because it takes guts to admit that there’s something wrong within us. But when the actual counselling starts, the counsellor attempts to solve the problem by degrees, leading the couple one step at a time.

a. Defining what the problem is about: This is the first step where people reveal trivial issues they’ve been fighting over. At this point they need to be told that they need to discuss problems rather than argue about it. Thankfully the counsellors successfully point couples to self introspection.

b. Secondly, both partners must agree to treat and communicate with each other respectfully. People are asked to steer clear of accusative arguments as they hardly ever lead to a solution. The battle of me right, you wrong can go on ceaselessly. But it’s the counsellor who points out its futility.

c. Committing to change comes next where both people promise to adjust themselves to the changes in their life whether social, economic or familial. Couples are motivated to adopt a simple solution to an age old problem and are asked to abide by it.

d. The last and most effective step is to practise newly acquired behaviour not just in therapy but also at home so that the practised behaviour becomes the reality of their lives. Of course it’s easy to slide back into a pattern of arguments under stressful situations. But by resolving to stick to changed behaviour, people have and continue to come out of relationship problems.

Why The Unemployed Need Psychology Services

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People have been losing their jobs at a much faster rate than ever before. The situation has been getting worse. For somebody who has been working and earning a salary in the process, loss of work is one of the hardest situations to handle. Breadwinners are the single most affected group with the loss of employment and inability to bring in stable income to the family. For such people, accessing psychology services would have a positive impact on their lives. Through the services offered by a trained and qualified psychologist, the unemployed are able to appreciate themselves much better. The unemployed are able to treat themselves kindly and warmly.

Accepting reality is a very tough issue for the unemployed, especially after losing their jobs. In fact, accepting reality is an issue that almost every person would struggle with after losing any type of job. Accepting reality simply means that the unemployed is able to recognize the situation as it is without reacting negatively. The loss of job or employment might be unfair and unpleasant, but this does not mean that the unemployed person has to refuse to accept the situation as it is. Once the unemployed accepts the situation for what it is, he is able to determine the next step that he needs to take to improve the current condition.

Loss of jobs and employment is a problem that many people struggle with all over the world. A close examination of the news on print and electronic media would offer a more accurate picture regarding the loss of jobs. With the assistance of a psychologist, the unemployed would be able to normalize the loss of job. He shall learn that he is not the only person who is struggling with the problem. Millions of people are currently losing their jobs. Loss of jobs has been with humanity for eons. The fact that jobs are disappearing does not mean that everything is falling apart. Without the psychologist, it would be impossible to appreciate this fact.

The children of people who have just discovered about their unemployed status might also need the same services offered by a psychologist. The little ones would benefit more by going to a trained children psychologist. This would be a very good idea if the children start acting out, especially when they discover that they are unable to enjoy the benefits that they were accustomed to when one or both of their parents were in gainful employment. With the help of psychologist in Gold Coast, the child would be able to handle his parent’s loss of job much better. If the child has a health condition, the psychologist would provide better assistance.

Finally, the psychologist is able to handle autistic children. His services shall help the family handle autism and therapy much better despite having to struggle with loss of employment. The unemployed parent shall be able to come up with a daily plan of action regarding what to do. The parent shall be able to set some time aside for fun, either alone or in the company of his or her family. Through the services offered by the psychologist, the parent would understand the importance of not being too hard on himself. The unemployed would stop organizing pity parties and join a community that would help him handle job loss much better.

Reasons To Go For Hypnotherapy

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There are lots of ways to get rid of a habit, a phobia, something that is troubling you for a couple of days. Sometimes, you may think that it is not necessary to solve such problems, but if you don’t solve it, then in reality you will be depressed and lose your hope. Aromatherapy, counseling, acupuncture and so on can be preferred by countless sufferers. But have you ever tried hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in many cases – Hypnotherapy is really effective and it can solve severe problems. You are a smoker and each day you promise your dear ones that someday you will quit smoking. After that, for some days you try really hard to stop smoking cigarettes, but whenever you see a cigarette after two weeks you cannot resist it anymore and you again start smoking. This thing is common and happens in the lives of many people. Moreover, your weight may be increasing each month and you are no longer able to shed your extra kilos. For this reason, you may start to follow a healthy diet. At last, you notice that nothing is happening. But do not lose hope as only hypnotherapy can solve your difficulty. To shed fats and achieve weight loss, you can try weight loss hypnosis in Sydney.

Similarly, you can get relief from your drinking addiction by hypnotherapy. When you choose the right professionals of stop drinking hypnosis, you will definitely get the desired results.

Sometimes, people try to solve their problems consciously and they cannot find out the root cause of it. Hypnotherapy is able to engage your subconscious mind. In the subconscious mind, a person’s memories, knowledge, experiences, and habits are stored, which an individual’s conscious self don’t know. For instance, you have a phobia of being looked by others. You may not know why, when and how this happen, but hypnotherapy will assist you to know the cause, memories, so that you can reprocess everything. Then your phobia will not happen again.

Hypnotherapy can fix anybody’s health difficulty at a fast face – One can really suffer from distinct kinds of health issues. People go to numerous therapy sessions for a year or for two years; however, they do not get the desired results. The long sessions tire the sufferers and they fed up of everything. There’s no need to worry as hypnotherapy can solve any kind of health problem within a couple of days. The hypnotherapy session may continue for about one month or two months for distinct health problems. The therapy works much faster than other therapies, like reflexology, sports massage and others. Additionally, one can easily afford to do hypnotherapy.

Thank You For Sharing

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Group therapy can conjure up such a range of images in our minds. We think perhaps of movies we have seen, books we have read or our own personal experiences.

When a group of like-minded people come together with a common goal in mind, group therapy exists. It can be an informal gathering or something more organised. From anger management to alcoholism; from carers groups to anxiety issues, group therapy can be a useful tool for your mental health. Usually led and facilitated by a psychologist, group therapy is a chance to meet with and share the experiences and expertise of others in your position. So what are the advantages? Why would you want to air your dirty laundry in public, as it were?

1. Group therapy is a place for safety, for boundaries and trust. It is a place where no one will judge you and you can express yourself freely within the circle of trust.

2. A trained psychologist is on hand to direct the discussions and ensure that the sessions are productive.

3. Costs may be reduced as you are participating in a group session.

4. You are meeting with others at various stages of the same journey as you. Sessions, such as couples counselling in Perth, can provide a wealth of experience that may resonate with your own situation.

5. A degree of accountability is prevalent within the group. You can feel that you want to succeed because you feel a loyalty to the group. This has been proven, in many cases, to be the factor for success in a programme.

6. Clinical psychology in group therapy relates to the well-being of the entire group. Its profile in today’s society is that of any other health service. We should not be afraid to seek out a professional when our mental health is at risk. We certainly would not ignore a pain or injured limb. Group therapy is a way to open up and heal our minds.

In the twenty-first century, our mental health should not be ignored. The brain is a complex organ that is only just being understood after thousands of years of study. With the day to day pressures our developed world living bestows upon us, our mental health is as vital to our survival as our physical health. Our emotions are a delicate thing and we should afford them the same care we give to our teeth or our eyes. Professionals such as psychologists provide essential services for us to call upon, such as clinical psychology, clinical counselling, group therapy, depression counselling and marriage counselling. Having that listening ear to both guide and challenge our thinking is a great way to service and maintain our mental health and provide us with holistic health. So keep talking and take good care of your mental health.